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News 24th of April 2009 news


Long Term investment (9)



Shift from savings to investments at long-term crossroads in Japan.

Pain tolerance: are you still there?

Individual’s money finally called bottom but in less than 5 months Japanese fundamentals took a severe beating. Let’s go deeper.

Trying to call a bear market bottom is daunting but not irrelevant. I initially thought Nikkei 225 and TOPIX testing new post-bubble low was a very remote possibility implying long bear trend which started late 90s in Japan had not ended in 2003. So far Nikkei did hit intra-day new low of 6994.90. In local currency terms Japanese market is down 42 % but only down 20 % in Euro terms (and down 32 % in US$ terms) which unfortunalty made it easy sell target for cash hungry foreign investors.  > See Pascal Jeannenot Newsletter



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