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A single objective: first and foremost we are dedicated to providing advisory services to private investors for their investment strategy on the Japanese financial markets.
Japan Investments is completely independent with one priority, search and select value within the Japanese equities universe.
We have established ourselves as the first non Japanese totally independent advisor to solely focus on Japanese mid caps universe.
Our services are structured to serve the needs and requirements of European private investors. Orchestrated from European and Japanese centres.
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We have established ourselves on the background of 15 years in depth experience advising European institutional investors on the Tokyo stock exchange. We are dedicated to providing advisory services to European  private investors willing to take advantage of the revival of the Japanese financial markets.
We maintain our view that the Japanese stock market has entered a structural long term bull market which could last for the next 10 years.  We are firmly convinced that there are numerous attractive areas of investment. This is based on our belief that domestic individuals and mutual funds will become furthermore major players in the market from this year and domestic pension fund money will increase their equity exposure. Daily traded volume on the Tokyo stock exchange is already larger than those registered during the late eighties. Opportunities to invest in the 'New Japan' era are plenty although such a complex market requires specific expertise of the domestic actors, especially Japanese individuals and institutions behaviour.

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